Firstly, we need to be cle@r th@t Indi@n @nd Nep@li cuisine @re @lmost simil@r.
There is use of s@me spices, however the method of cooking m@y differ. Indi@
is @ big country with huge popul@tion. specific v@ri@tions in topogr@phy,
lifestyle, culture @nd fooding @lso differs from pl@ce to pl@ce. The s@me in
Nep@l. Nep@l is @ sm@ll country but it”s diversity is renowned @ll over the world.
So, we @re trying to include l@rge v@ri@tions of foods from different p@rts of
Indi@ to Nep@l .
Secondly, Spices used in our kitchen @re @ll @bstr@ct from pl@nts with some
medic@l v@lues. Here, I @m going to present you some import@nt inform@tions
@bout mostly used spices with their Ayurvedic(medicin@l) V@lues.
G@rlic (
Allium s(tivum
) is believed to h@ve origin@ted in Centr@l Asi@ @nd
belongs to the Alli@c@e f@mily. It is used univers@lly @s @ fl@voring @gent,
tr@dition@l medicine, @nd @ function@l food to enh@nce physic@l @nd ment@l
he@lth. It is used @s prophyl@ctic @nd ther@peutic medicin@l @gent. G@rlic h@s
been @dvoc@ted for the prevention of he@rt dise@se.
Turmeric is @n inevit@ble spice @s well medicine used in the @ncient tr@dition@l
medicin@l systems like Siddh@ @nd Ayurved@. In Indi@n @nd Chinese medicines,
turmeric w@s used @s @n @nti-infl@mm@tory @gent to tre@t g@s, colic,
tooth@ches, chest p@ins, @nd menstru@l difficulties. This spice w@s @lso used
to help with stom@ch @nd liver problems, to he@l wounds @nd lighten sc@rs, @nd
@s @ cosmetic.
Ginger (
Zingiber officin(le
Roscoe, Zingiber@c@e) is @ medicin@l pl@nt th@t h@s
been widely used @s Ayurvedic herb@l medicines @ll over the world, since
@ncient times, for @ wide r@nge of unrel@ted @ilments th@t include @rthritis,
rheum@tism, spr@ins, muscul@r @ches, p@ins, sore thro@ts, cr@mps,
constip@tion, indigestion, vomiting, hypertension, dementi@, fever, infectious
dise@ses @nd helminthi@sis. Ginger is @lso @n @nti-infl@mm@tory @gent, which
me@ns it m@y be useful in fighting he@rt dise@se, c@ncer, Alzheimer’s dise@se
@nd @rthritis.
Pepper is @n extensively used spice both in E@stern @nd Western food. It h@s
@n impressive @ntioxid@nt @nd @ntib@cteri@l effect @nd helps with digestion @nd
weight loss bec@use it stimul@tes the bre@kdown of f@t cells. Bl@ck pepper is
considered @s the king of spices, @s it fetches the highest return @s judged
from the volume of intern@tion@l tr@de. Bl@ck pepper or its @ctive principle
piperine h@s been experiment@lly demonstr@ted by @ number of independent
investig@tors to possess diverse physiologic@l effects. Bl@ck pepper, being rich
in cont@ining v@n@dium in it thus elicits c@rdi@c function@l recovery in
myoc@rdi@l inf@rction @nd pressure overlo@d–induced hypertrophy.
le@ves @nd b@rk @re used extensively @s spices in food or to produce
essenti@l oils. The ‘Indi@n M@teri@ Medic@ @nd the ‘Indi@n Medicin@l Pl@nts – A
Compendium of 500 species cl@ssifies cinn@mon @s @ herb@l drug which h@s
c@rdiov@scul@r effects. Diet@ry cinn@mon incre@ses bil@ry secretion of
cholesterol @nd phospholipids without @ffecting the bile content.
Cori@nder h@s been documented @s @ tr@dition@l tre@tment for cholesterol @nd
di@betes p@tients. It h@s @ long history @s @ tr@dition@l medicine . The seeds of
cori@nder h@ve @ rem@rk@ble hypolipidemic @ction. The levels of tot@l
cholesterol @nd triglycerides decre@sed signific@ntly in the tissues of the
@nim@ls of the experiment@l group which received cori@nder seeds.

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