The Himalayan Treasure

A real treasure, straight from far  India and Nepal.

What do you need to know about Indian and Nepalese cuisine? First of all – in the whole world there is no second, equally rich in flavors, aromas and colors. Improved over millennia, throughout generations of Indian masters of culinary art, as well as home-made foodies, this cuisine has defined what a real mastery of the use of spices and fire is. Looking at the plate you will see a real cornucopia of colors and textures, trying dishes you will get to know not known to you flavors and aromas. At the same time, as Indian and Nepalese cuisine are as diverse as the entire Oriental community, discovering all its secrets is a challenge for years.

Today, you do not have to travel to the distant Himalayas to learn what is the real treasure of Indian culture. To start a culinary journey that begins in the south of India, ending in northern Nepal, you can just visit our restaurant at Zwierzyniecka 30 in Krakow.

Here, in the company of atmospheric decor and the accompaniment of traditional music, you will try authentic dishes prepared by native chefs.

Let yourself be carried away by adventure and discover The Himalayan Treasure!



Discover the unknown!

From day to day, Indian and Nepali cuisine is becoming more popular. There are more and more restaurants with a similar profile, but unfortunately they rarely offer something above the basic and well-known items on the menu. However, by completingour card, we meet the expectations of our guests, at the same time offering obligatory dishes in every Indian gastronomy, as well as dishes unparalleled beyond the Far East.

In the end, what would a good restaurant be without a note of freshness?

Two things completely differentiate The Himalayan Treasure from all sorts of restaurants in our city. It is the individual treatment of each guest and the family atmosphere prevailing in the premises. We will be happy to share stories from high Nepal, and answer any questions about the Hindi culture itself. Maybe, as you will be lucky, we will reveal an excerpt of the mystery associated with the rich taste of our dishes.

Above all, you will feel at home with us. A warm Indian home where you always have a tasty meal and you can forget about the hardships of everyday life.




Will you take the challenge to find us?

The number of guests visiting our restaurant increases every day. People come to visit us by chance, just crossing the street, the regulars fall in, often with their friends, curiosity will attract a person who heard about The Himalayan Treasure on one of the social networks …

In summary – sometimes it’s crowded.

In such a situation, to make sure that table would wait for you, we cordially invite you to make a reservation. Information about your arrival is extremely valuable also for us. It will let us be prepared to meet all expectations.

Deliveries from south to north, east to west.

Sometimes in proportion to the desire to eat something good, we feel extreme reluctance to leave our home. Often we have no way to get out of work even for a quick lunch, or we are too tired to think about cooking at all. Why bother? Together with The Himalayan Treasure you will order great Indian and Nepali dishes with a few clicks! And we predict discount coupons for regular customers.

Deliveries are carried out between 12:00 and 21:00



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To sum up – what’s going on.